Youth(ful) Applicants

Early on in the planning we decided to not have a ceilidh as in the unknown environment of Covid-19 as we were concerned about an expense that might not realise its potential. However as a result of a discussion with Gareth and also the availability of some extra funds we thought we’d have a go at building something that might attract more youthful attendees. We consulted a local musician – Sorrel who spoke to her offspring and friends about it (with connections to the National Folk youth ensemble), who felt that a ceilidh was an essential part of that package.

So, we now have at the moment between 10 and 20 signed up young musicians, a caller who we hope will appeal to them, plus a plan for a “scratch” band.

We have scheduled a couple of “specific” sessions, plus the ceilidh on the Saturday night (all of which which are open to anyone with a ticket).

We will allocate an area on the campsite field specifically for the attendees.

If this is something that might interest you (or someone you know), then please goto/point them to the website.

We are fully funding the weekend ticket and camping, plus a contribution to travel expenses.

Interested parties should not use the booking form, but contact us through the contact form, and we will take it from there.