English Country Music Weekend 2019 – June 28 – 30th 2019

We are hoping to hold the next ECMW in Croston in West Lancashire. The Sports Club has agreed to host the camping and we are hoping to get the Community Centre and/or the Old School Hall for the main music sessions and other events. There are at least 3 pubs happy to host music sessions plus the Sports Centre bar and we will be running a Celidh (open to the public as well) in the Sports Centre on the Saturday night.
We are hoping the the Abram Morris Dancers will come and visit us, plus some other “local” music interest.

If you want more information, then please join our email list using the form in the sidebar (if you have been to ECMW before then you will probably already be a member of the list, however joining here will guarantee that you are a member-  and will not result on you getting double emails!) or you can just visit http://ecmw.org.uk  – we will keep it up to date with the latest news and/or email ecmw2019@ecmw.org.uk – we’d love to hear from you.